How to Wash a Coat: A Homely Guide

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How to Wash a Coat: A Homely Guide to Keeping Your Outerwear Fresh

Recently we talked about how to clean coat. Today, we’re going to chat about something that concerns us all – how to wash a coat. It might sound like a daunting task, but don’t worry; I’ve got your back. I’m here to share some practical tips and tricks, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

Before you do anything, take a peek inside your coat. The care label is your coat’s user manual. It tells you whether it can handle the washing machine, prefers a gentle hand, or insists on a trip to the dry cleaner’s.

In some cases, there is a sign on the label of the product that means the prohibition of washing. If you have seen it, it is better not to experiment.

In this case, shampoo for carpets will come to your aid. Dissolve the amount of shampoo indicated in the instructions in water, beat the foam and clean the product with it. After the shampoo dries, vacuum the coat using an upholstery brush.

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How to Wash a Coat: cleaning secrets

Things made of cashmere are incredibly soft and beautiful. Cashmere coats and suits are quite popular. But cashmere is a very delicate and whimsical fabric. will tell you how to wash a cashmere coat so that it does not lose its appearance. Read practical tips how to wash a coat in the washing machine and wash it by hand.

Cashmere fabric is woven from the down of goats that live in the highlands of the Himalayas and Tibet. The process of creating the fabric is done by hand to preserve the special softness.

Cashmere fabric is incredibly delicate, and this should not be forgotten when caring for such things. A cashmere coat needs to be treated even more carefully than a cashmereen one.

If necessary, treat contaminated areas with a sponge dipped in a weak solution of detergent and water. You can wash a cashmere coat only in extreme cases.

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How to Wash a Coat in the Washing Machine

In general, it is forbidden to wash cashmere in a washing machine. An exception may be a thing that contains synthetic or other fibers that can protect the fabric from critical deformation. In any case, washing cashmere in a washing machine can have sad consequences.

If you still dare to take such a desperate step as washing in a machine, use a liquid detergent. You need to wash the coat on a delicate mode and minimum spins. If you can set the washing time, choose the shortest cycle. Turn off spinning and drying.

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How to Hand Wash a Coat

It is best to wash a cashmere coat by hand. Fill the bathtub (or basin – depends on the size of the product) with cool water (never hot), dissolve a little liquid detergent in it and soak the coat. Wipe the dirty areas with a sponge, and knead the coat a little like a dough. You can’t rub the thing, otherwise the cashmere will fray. Leave for 10 minutes, then move it from edge to edge again.

For rinsing, drain the dirty water and fill with new water of the same temperature. If the water for rinsing is hotter, the cashmere will deteriorate due to the temperature difference.

It is necessary to rinse several times to get rid of the remaining foam, which can also negatively affect the appearance of the cashmere fabric.

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How Much to Dry Clean a Coat

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After washing, do not wring or wring out the coat. Let it sit in the tub for a few minutes to drain.

Cashmere can be dried in two ways: on a hanger and on a sheet.

But it is more expedient to hang a coat damp, not wet, on a coat hanger. This will protect it from deformation and stretching. We advise you to spread a terry cloth sheet or towels on the floor and lay out the coat carefully, smoothing out folds and creases. Put the next layer of towels in the middle. Fasten the coat and give it the final look.

The bedding will absorb excess moisture quickly, and most importantly, without harming the cashmere. Towels or sheets should be changed periodically.

After a few hours, the coat can either be hung on a hanger or left to dry in a horizontal position.

Cashmere should be dried in a well-ventilated room or outside in the shade. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessively hot weather. In no case do not dry cashmere near heating devices or on the battery! Also, do not dry cashmere items on a line.

How to Iron a Coat

If necessary, cashmere can be ironed with a not very hot iron through cheesecloth or steamed.

Cashmere should be stored in a breathable cover on a soft (or inflatable) hanger.


There you have it, folks – a homely guide on how to wash a cashmere coat and keep it in tip-top shape. Remember, not all coats are created equal, so always check the care label before you dive in. With a little care and these practical tips, your coat will be ready to face whatever weather comes its way. Happy washing!

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