How to wash newborn clothes: a mom’s guide

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A Mom’s Guide to Keeping Baby’s Wardrobe Fresh and Clean

Every mother thinks about how to wash newborn clothes with the arrival of a baby in the family. Many mothers do not know how to wash children’s clothes and care for the baby’s clothes so as not to harm the child or spoil the product. will tell you how to choose the right detergent for washing newborn clothing, whether it is possible to use a washing machine to wash baby clothes, how to wash baby clothes first time, as well as how to boil and iron children’s clothes.

How to wash newborn clothes: the basics

In the first months of your baby’s life, you will washing babys clothes very often, perhaps even every day. They overfed the child, left him undressed for a few minutes, and that’s it – the clothes or diaper need to be washed.

Washing newborn clothing should be done responsibly, because the baby’s health depends on it. It is advisable that the child’s things be placed in a separate basket.

Our mothers and grandmothers washed everything by hand and only with laundry soap. And this is not only because there was no other choice. Laundry soap (and now there is liquid laundry soap for washing baby clothes) is really ideal because it does not contain toxic substances or harmful impurities. And it is suitable not only for hand washing, but also for machine washing.

как стирать детские вещи перед роддомом, як прати дитячі речі в роддом, How to wash newborn clothes
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Wash newborn clothes: choosing a detergent for washing babys clothes

In the modern world, there are many alternatives to old laundry soap, for example, baby laundry powder and baby laundry gel. These products are developed using new technologies and are safe for children. Let’s figure out how to wash children’s clothes: soap, powder or gel, so as not to harm the baby.

We can highlight the main factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing a detergent for washing baby clothes:

  • A product that does not contain phosphates

Phosphates are compounds of metals with phosphate acid that can aggravate chronic diseases and also contribute to the emergence of new ones. They are washed out of the fabric only at 50-60 degrees and several rinsing cycles. Phosphates are quite dangerous for newborns. Therefore, wash newborn clothes with phosphate powders is very undesirable.

  • Products that do not contain bleaches or aggressive ingredients

This includes chlorine and optical brighteners. Dots of optical brightener remain on the surface of the fabric and, reflecting light, create a “radiant clean” effect. But these particles will come into contact with the baby’s skin and can cause itching, redness and allergic reactions.

  • Unscented detergents

Today the market is filled with products with a variety of fragrances, but laundry detergent for children’s clothes should be odorless. Aromatic compounds can provoke both skin allergies and irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. The less various synthetic additives in a detergent, the better it is.

  • Laundry soap

Let’s return again to the old, well-known soap. Of course, washing it by hand does not raise any questions, but it’s worth figuring out how to wash newborn clothes in a machine with laundry soap.. It’s very simple! Grate the soap using a regular grater and pour it into the washing powder compartment. For a machine with a drum load of 5 kg, 30 grams of soap shavings will be enough. If you don’t have scales, then take 1/6 of a regular block. Do not give too much soap, otherwise a lot of foam will form. You can use liquid laundry soap to washing newborn clothing.

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как стирать детские вещи перед роддомом, як прати дитячі речі в роддом, How to wash newborn clothes
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How to wash baby clothes first time

Many people are interested in how to wash baby clothes first time and whether it needs to be done at all. Our answer is yes! Be sure to wash new things, because many people have touched them and they could fall on the floor. Also, all things in stores are starched so that they keep their shape more beautifully. But starch (or some other industrial substitute) can harm the baby’s delicate skin.

  • How to wash newborn clothes in the maternity hospital

Yes, all with the same soap or liquid product. They are the most preferable because they are easy to rinse. It is advisable to washing clothes for newborn at high temperatures for the first time before the maternity hospital, and then iron them with steam to destroy all harmful microbes and bacteria.

  • How to wash baby clothes first time in a washing machine

You can wash baby clothes either by hand or in a machine. Don’t be afraid to use it. The main condition when washing in the washing machine is that children’s clothes should be washed separately from all other things!

Also remember to turn on the extra rinse mode. With an extra rinse, the machine will be able to rinse the washed items much better than you can with your hands.

What temperature should you wash babys clothes?

Washing newborn clothes should occur at a temperature of 40-60 degrees. Some housewives set the temperature to 90 degrees to destroy germs and avoid ironing. Yes, such washing is almost equivalent to boiling (which has now lost its meaning and, according to Dr. Komarovsky, is not required at all), but things quickly lose color and shape.

How to dry baby clothes
как стирать детские вещи перед роддомом, як прати дитячі речі в роддом, How to wash newborn clothes

It is best to dry children’s clothes outdoors, but in the shade. Avoid hanging diapers and clothes in direct sunlight.

If it is not possible to dry diapers and things outside, then you should do this in a well-ventilated, dry area. Otherwise, fungi or mold may appear on things. It’s also a good idea to turn things inside out before hanging.

Should children’s clothes be ironed?

Yes need. Before the baby reaches 4 weeks, things should be ironed on both sides in order to completely kill harmful microorganisms – they can enter the baby’s body through the umbilical wound.

You can steam your clothes (or steam clean them in your washing machine if it supports this feature).

And finally, be sure to keep washed and dried children’s clothes away from adult clothes.

Conclusion: fresh and clean baby clothes

There you have it, folks – a practical guide on how to wash newborn clothes like a pro. It’s all about choosing the right detergent, being gentle with the wash cycle, and taking extra care with stain removal. Don’t forget to let those tiny outfits air-dry, and your baby will be the best-dressed cutie on the block. Happy washing!

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